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Elaine Bucknum is a counselor and couple/family therapist in private practice in Calgary, Alberta.

In order to assist people with their struggles and life crises, Elaine helps her clients gain understanding of their situations, change their behavior, make decisions and improve their relationships.

Her work with separating couples is ultimately to assist them in developing skills in order to co-parent their children and develop plans which will help the children maintain healthy relationships with both parents.

Elaine�s therapeutic approach combines cognitive-behavioral and emotionally focused therapy, a process which starts with two meetings, followed by reevaluation, and the mutual development of a strategy to help clients achieve their personal goals.

She is a registered clinical social worker and a Clinical Member by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. Elaine is also a family mediator and parent coordinator registered with the Alberta Family Mediation Society.
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Elaine works in Calgary and her practice is located in the Brentwood neighbourhood of the Northwest , within easy reach by car or bus.


(403) 252-9176


Email: bucknum-nixon@shaw.ca
Website: http://elainebucknum.com
Member Of

Alberta Family Mediation Society

Registry of Marriage and Family Therapists in Canada

Alberta College of Social Worker Clinical Registry